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Assorted Horror Movie Mini-Figures (BLIND BOX Figures)

Price: $7.99

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These 16 BLIND BOX figures are amazing mini-collectibles! Measuring in at 2.5 inches in size - these collectible figures are cartoon versions of your favorite horror movie characters - collect them all!! - Each box will be sent still sealed from the manufacturer - so you will be getting a surprise in every box!

Here is a list as to the collector ratio of these figures:
Army Of Darkness (bloody): 2/24
Childs Play (plain): 2/24
Childs Play (scars): 1/144
Friday the 13th: 2/24
Friday the 13th (glow): 1/72
Ghostface: 1/24
Halloween: 2/24
House of 1000 Corpses: 2/24
It (glow in the dark): 1/144
It (regular): 2/24
Nightmare on Elm St: 2/24
Saw: 1/72
Silence of the Lambs: 1/72
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (bloody): 2/24
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (clean): 2/24
Trick R Treat: 1/24

These figures are blind sealed packaged items unless otherwise noted as direct individual figures
We are not able to accept returns for any duplicates you may receive within the blind package boxes.

Designs and figures are subject to change without notice.

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