Thank you again for your interest in submitting some photos to us! We definitely appreciate the interest in wanting to showcase the items we sell and also get a bit more promotion for you out there as well!

We have put this guide together to help display what we are looking for - and what we are definitely not looking for - when submitting photowork to us.


As we may have sent you some designs that are not yet live on our site, posting these images can spoil our promotional efforts. Anyone posting photos prior to approval, including BTS (Behind The Scenes) photos, UNLESS OTHERWISE PRE-APPROVED BY US, will not receive ANY promotion or credit even IF we use the photos.

We understand that everyone is anxious to share the new photos that you have around social media. But as some of these designs are planned releases, we are not trying to spoil these releases with leaks prior to their planned release date.

Again, ANY publishing (UNLESS OTHERWISE PRE-APPROVED BY US) of unapproved images or at unapproved times will result in ZERO promotional credit and we will not work with the photographer or the model again.

With that out of the way, on to the fun stuff! :)

We want you to be creative!
We want you to have fun!

As we have directly have done a few photoshoots in the past - here are some guides as to the style and content of photos we are looking for.

With most model photography, it is always model first, background second. Well, we are asking to slightly change that. :)

As the merch IS the main focus, we need to make sure that it is the MAIN focus of the photos you are shooting.

Obviously the model is the immediate second focus, but having shirts that are unreadable and unviewable does not help with the purpose of these shoots.

Below are some guides to help with ideas, posing and photographer tips when shooting and submitting images:

Hopefully this helps with a few do's and don'ts of what we are looking for with new submissions - but have fun with the shoots and if there are any questions, definitely contact us for more questions and info!! :)

Thanks again for your work and your time with this project and we look forward to your submissions soon!!
- Horrormerch.com -