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Goosebumps - Soundtrack [Double Vinyl Record]

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Officially Licensed Item

The 180 Gram Double LP has been approved by none other than author, R.L. Stine, and features all new artwork by GOOSEBUMPS artist, Tim Jacobus! We here at Waxwork couldn't think of anyone better than Tim to create the full package artwork for this release. Tim's artwork is synonymous with the GOOSEBUMPS legacy, as he has illustrated all 62 original books!

The Waxwork Records crew grew up reading R.L. Stine's GOOSEBUMPS books feverishly, and we, like so many millions of GOOSEBUMPS fans across the world, became obsessed with the horrific, yet bright, colorful, and welcoming artwork by Tim Jacobus that graced each book cover. Having Tim Jacobus come on board and agree to create all new and original GOOSEBUMPS art for our vinyl soundtrack is a dream come true.

Tim has kept every transparency of his GOOSEBUMPS artwork in an archive over the years, and keeping true to the spirit of those creepy books, every color used to create our new vinyl LP artwork and layout are the same colors that he used to illustrate the original book covers!

With the approval of SCHOLASTIC and R.L. Stine himself, we were allowed to faithfully design our new GOOSEBUMPS vinyl soundtrack to meet every detail of the original books from the 1990's!

Ferris Wheel
To The Rescue
Ice Rink
Slappy's Revenge
Bus Escape
Lawn Gnomes
Ghost Hannah
Mantis Chase
Hannah's Back
They're Here
Something's Wrong (Bonus)
Champ (Bonus)
Break In (Bonus)
The Books (Bonus)
Floating Poodle
Werewolf (Bonus)
Lovestruck (Bonus)
Panic (Bonus)
On The Run (Bonus)
Fun House (Bonus)
The Twist (Bonus)

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