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Officially Licensed Item
Officially Licensed Item

Invisible Man - Neon (Black) [Mens Shirt]


Product Description

This Clothing Item Is A Made To Order Item. This Item Is Printed Or Restocked Directly For Your Purchase.

Clothing Size Charts Are Listed As Estimate Sizing Only. Exact Sizing Will Vary Depending On License - Design - Or Print Shop Requirements.
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Invisible Man - Neon (Black) [Mens Shirt]

Made To Order Clothing Information

All Clothing Items Are Made To Order directly for your purchase and ship as they are printed or restocked for your purchase

Clothing items may ship from different locations at different times

Made To Order Clothing Items (Unless Noted As A PRE-ORDER Item Within The Title Or Variant Prior To Purchase) USUALLY ship Within 10-14 Business Days (Business Days Do Not Include Weekends Or Holidays). Exact turnaround times will vary depending on license, design, origin print shop, or time of year.

If your Made To Order Clothing Item has not yet shipped, it is currently in production and we will have further tracking updates as they are available. As these items are printed at multiple Print Shop locations across the US, we will not have any exact shipping dates until we are able to update your tracking information.

All Made To Order and Pre-Order clothing items require a non-refundable deposit to directly print or reserve these items for you. Once purchased - clothing items are not able to be exchanged, cancelled or modified as they are directly printed or reserved for your purchase. Discounts, refunds, merch vouchers or cancellations are not available if there are any delays to Made To Order Clothing Items for any reason.

If there is an issue with a purchase you have received, Please Visit Our Damaged/Missing Items section for further information.

Free/Bonus promotional items are only available while supplies last and as listed per promotion.

What is a Pre-Order item?

If an item you are looking for is listed as a Pre-Order item (within the title or variant of the product), this page is to help with more information regarding what a Pre-Order item is and how they work within our website.

A Pre-Order item is an item that is currently in production, but not yet available to ship.

Placing a purchase for a Pre-Order item reserves this item for you and puts you in line (on a first purchased - first shipped - while supplies last basis) to receive these items once they have arrived and as they are available to ship!

Pre-Order Clothing Items

Pre-Order clothing items ship as items are restocked. As we offer over 1000 different shirt designs (within different sizes), these items may not be immediate available to ship the same day as purchased. By Pre-Ordering these clothing items, these items will ship as they are printed and restocked for your shipments. These clothing items are Officially Licensed and ship from multiple source printshops within the US.

Pre-Order Figures and Collectibles

Pre-Order figures and collectibles are mass produced, and are not as available made to order like Made To Order Clothing Items. These items are available to ship as they are manufactured, released or restocked at different times.

As these items are high in demand to be restocked, placing a Pre-Order for these items puts you in line to receive these items once they arrive (on a first purchased - first shipped - while supplies last basis) to our various warehouses across the US.

Placing your purchase sooner than later is definitely suggested as these items are shipped on a on a first purchased - first shipped - while supplies last basis.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why should I reserve this item now instead of buying it later?

A: By purchasing this item (more so limited edition variants, color changes, etc.) will reserve this item for you and puts you in line (on a first purchased - first shipped - while supplies last basis) to receive these items once they have arrived.

As we receive limited quanties per shipment and they may sell out before they are restocked for the general public. Reserving your spot in line is definitely recommended.

Q: I previously paid for Pre-Order items - when do these items ship?

A: Depending on the items purchased, will vary on ship dates.

Please visit Figure And Collectibles Information and the direct product page for further information.

Q: Do you charge at the time of purchase or can I pay when they arrive?

A: We charge at the time of purchase to reserve your item. We do not accept payments later as these are sent on a first purchased - first shipped - while supplies last basis. If you do not place your deposit to reserve your spot in line, you might miss out on these items - especially limited edition variants!