Buy 3 POPs - Get 1 FREE Deal!

Our customer favorite sale is back!! Just follow the instructions below and get discounts and free stuff with your purchase while supplies last!

Step 1:
Add 3 REGULAR PRICE POP figures to your cart - Damaged Box POP figures and POP sets are not able to be included

Step 2:
Enter Code FREEPOP

Step 3:
Bonus Applied!
Bonus Mystery POP Will Be Added When Shipped!

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Free POP Disclaimers and POP Limitations:
Due to licensing restrictions, the bonus figure is only available to ship within the US. If you use this coupon outside of the US, the free figure will not ship with your purchase.

Only ONE free item is able to be sent per purchase/per discount code use - If you would like to receive multiple free items, you will need to make multiple purchases.

Bonus figures are available "while supplies last". If supplies are no longer available for ANY bonus figures, they may be replaced with other FUNKO items, or not at all and are not able to be sent separately once your original shipment is fulfilled if they are not included in your original shipment(s). All figures are blind bagged so we are unable to offer any requests and in the case of duplicate items - returns are not available for any bonus/free figures.

As this bonus requires the purchase of the three (3) POP figures, the remaining one (1) figures is considered the FREE item. The first three (3) figures that are sent are the figures that are considered as the paid items for your purchase. Any remaining one (1) figures yet to be shipped is considered the FREE item within this promotion.

FREE items (also listed as the remaining 1 figure within this purchase) are not able to be refunded at any time. If any items are discontinued, you will be sent a gift card to receive alternate items for your purchases - but refunds are not available for any FREE items within your purchase.

Any items cancelled by the customer OR cancelled by us due to negative customer interactions, will void the FREEPOP discount/free figure deal and all remaining items will be cancelled. As the remaining 1 figure, as listed above, are considered FREE items - refunds are not available for FREE items. Any figure total over 1 figure, will be either refunded or sent a gift card.

Any customer that starts a dispute/chargeback will automatically cancel any remaining items and will not be able to be refunded as your refunds are already processed by your billing provider.

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