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    As we are constantly printing shirts, packing orders and getting new deals ready for you, we are not able to offer as much constant email contact as we once had. But as our most common questions are answered below, they should help you with the questions you have! :)

    If you have an issue outside of these questions below, we will get back to you as soon as we can! But these common questions should be able to help with most outstanding issues!

    Where are my clothing items?
    Most clothing items are made to order designs that may take a few days before they ship (usually within 5-10 business days, not including weekends or holidays). Once they ship out we'll get you updated tracking info ASAP!

    In some cases, if they take longer than normal turnaround times, we may split your shipment up at no additional cost to you to get some of your shipment out sooner. This is a normal occurrence and we will ship the remaining items as soon as they are finished up at no additional cost!

    If there are any outstanding issues with your purchase we will contact you!

    Where are my masks, figures, etc???
    If the figures, masks or other non-clothing related items do not ship within a few days of your purchase, they may be pre-order/backorder items. These items are listed as pre-order/backorder items in the product description on the website prior to purchase and also give you a link to the release schedule of new items that we update every two weeks or so.

    To see when these backorder/pre-order items are being released you can check out the Pre-Order Release Schedule for more direct information! As with all pre-orders, release dates are subject to change and the dates listed are not guaranteed release dates. But this is a guide to let you know closer to when your items are released.

    We do email shipping updates to everyone as larger shipments get released or restocked - so please be patient as we will get your purchases out shortly - but you can see updates on the Pre-Order Release Schedule whenever you would like!

    Unless otherwise purchased as a split shipment, orders are to ship when everything in your purchase is available to ship. If you would like to split your shipment so you get what is available as it is ready to ship, we can do that for you. But as each shipment will require additional shipping costs - we will be able to let you know what those will be to get these items split shipped for you.

    Can I change/cancel items I've ordered?
    As clothing designs are made to order designs, they are automatically put into production as soon as you finalize your purchase. As they are made to order, directly for your purchase, we are unable to make any size/design changes on any clothing related purchases unless a design is discontinued and is no longer available.

    Figures, masks, special order items and other non-clothing related items are also automatically processed as soon as they are purchased to either ship with our next outgoing shipment or already reserved for you on a pre-order/backorder list. These pre-order/backorder/special order items have already been reserved for you and can not be cancelled or changed due to their special order nature. We understand there are wait times involved for special order/pre-order items, but please be sure you check out the Pre-Order Release schedule for more information as to their release date prior to purchase.

    As noted in your purchase receipt - ALL SALES ARE FINAL - and unless items are discontinued, your purchases will not be able to be cancelled or refunded regardless of production times or change of release dates.

    If you have an address change for your purchase however, let us know your updated address and we will be able to get it send to that new location for you!

    If your question is not answered with the information listed above, please fill out this form. Again, please make sure that your question is not already answered above to receive a timely response.

    But thank you again for your questions, purchases and continued support since 2005 - and if the information above does not answer your question, we will get back to you shortly! :)