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    Update: 11/10/18
    To help speed up in getting answers to your questions, below are the most common questions that are asked about purchases. These answers should help you with most questions you have! :)

    Where are my clothing items?
    As we are changing back to a more IN STOCK warehouse for faster shipping, we are currently changing over the more popular designs to be in stock to ship as quick as they can.

    Some designs are still made to order and may take a few days (usually 5-7 business days) before they are available to ship. Once they ship out we'll get you updated tracking info ASAP!

    In some cases, if they take longer than normal turnaround times, we may split your shipment up at no additional cost to you to get some of your shipment out sooner. This is a normal occurrence and we will ship the remaining items as soon as they are finished up at no additional cost!

    If there are any outstanding issues with your purchase we will contact you!

    Where are my masks, figures, etc???
    If the figures, masks or other non-clothing related items do not ship within a few days of your purchase, they may be pre-order/backorder or special order items.

    Most figures are currently being restocked as well to have a more immediate, to ship, status. However some items are currently pre-orders that are only able to ship once they are released.

    Please visit the pre-order Pre-Order Release Schedule for more direct information about your figure purchase!

    As with all pre-orders, release dates are subject to change and the dates listed are not guaranteed release dates - they are scheduled release (not shipping) dates and may change at any point. Pre-order items may also hold up others item in your shipment. If you would require a secondary shipment, please let us know and we can get you a secondary shipment link to ship the remainder of your items.

    As listed in the description, the majority of the masks are speical order items that are ordered from the manufacturer or other distributors as you order them. These items are not able to be cancelled unless they are discontinued and will ship as soon as they are available. Shipping times will vary but we will get you updates for the masks as soon as possible.
    Can I change/cancel items I've ordered?
    As we try and ship out items as fast as we can, once you order something it is in process to go to you. Either to ship right away, pre-ordered, made to order or special ordered. With this - once you purchase something it is unable to be cancelled.

    If your question is not answered with the information listed above, you can contact us for more information regarding your purchase.

    Please make sure that your question is not already answered above to receive a timely response. If your question is answered above, you will most likely receive the same information listed above unless there is something that needs your attention to complete your purchase.

    If your question is outside of the questions listed above, Please Fill Out This Form for more info!

    Thank you again for your purchases and continued support since 2005 - and if the information above does not answer your question, we will get back to you shortly! :)