Update: 07/20/19

To help speed up in getting answers to your questions, below are the most common questions that are asked about purchases. These answers should help you with most questions you have! :)

Where Are My Clothing Items

Depending on the license or design - if shirts are not in immediate stock, most of the shirts are made to order items. Made to order designs may take a few days (usually 5-10 business days - not including weekends or holidays) before they are available to ship. Once they ship out we'll get you updated tracking info ASAP!

In some cases, if some clothing items take longer than normal turnaround times, we may split your shipment up at no additional cost to you to get some of your shipment out faster. This is a normal occurrence and we will ship the remaining items as soon as they are finished up at no additional cost! If there are any outstanding issues with your purchase we will contact you!

If you are unfamiliar with made to order items, turnaround times or the term "business days", please visit this page for more information about made to order items.

Where Are My Figures

If figures in your purchase do not ship within a few days or are labeled as PRE-ORDER at the time of purchase, they may be pre-order/backorder or special order items.

If your item is a pre-order item, please visit the Pre-Order Release Schedule for more direct information about your figure's release date!

As pre-order items arrive in multiple shipments, we pack orders as fast as we can and in the order that they were received. Tracking information will be automatically sent to you once your purchase has been shipped.

Single shipment purchases will ship as soon as all items for your purchases are released and able to be shipped. If you would like to split your shipment, additional shipping fees may apply for additional shipments. Please contact us for more information on this option.

As with all pre-orders, release dates are subject to change and the dates listed are not guaranteed release dates - they are scheduled release (not shipping) dates and may change at any point. If you need more information about Pre-Order items, please visit this page for more information.

Where are my masks/costumes/props?

As listed in the title or the description at the time of purchase - the majority of the masks are special order (or pre-order) items that are ordered from different manufacturers or other distributors as they are purchased. Shipping times will vary on these items depending on their immediate stock, production times for restock or the source of these items.

Shipping times are not guaranteed and may take a while, especially in the case of the items being in production and waiting to be restocked. Once purchased, SPECIAL ORDER ITEMS ARE UNABLE TO BE CANCELLED as we have already reserved your place in line for these items. These items will ship as soon as they are restocked at our warehouse.

Can I change/cancel items I've ordered?

As we try and ship out items as fast as we can, once you order something it is in process to go to you. Once you purchase something it is unable to be changed, modified or cancelled as it is already in the production process or it is already reserved for you.

Damaged Items

As sometimes accidents do happen along the way, sometimes items get bumped and bruised in the mail.

If your package arrives damaged, DO NOT OPEN IT! Please take photographs of the package and contact us before you open it so we can verify the shipping damage and get a replacement started for you. If your package arrives damaged and is opened without contacting us first, we will not be able to verify or replace these items for you.

If you have photos of these boxes prior to opening and also items after it is opened, it will take a few days before replacements or exchanges are able to be made and we will let you know of the status once it's been updated.

Returns, replacements or refunds will not be available if you do not have these photos of the unopened damaged boxes prior to opening or photos of the item after it's been opened. If we are not able to show that there was damaged due to shipping or during packaging to your figure, we are not able to offer any kind of replacement, return or refund for your item.

Missing Items

As sometimes accidents happen - items may not always ship within your package.
Sometimes shirts may ship separately and they may follow along later and you can contact us and to check up on the status of these items. However if you have items missing from your package, we will need to verify your packaging that it was shipped in.

We have noticed social media posts boasting that they scammed us out of free replacement items - this has lead to stricter replacement policies to verify that we had either correctly, or incorrectly, packaged your shipment. Again accidents happen, but if we are unable to verify that your package was incorrectly packaged before shipping, we are unable to offer any replacements for your items.

We know what items can fit in what boxes and how certain items are to ship. With these pictures we will be able to tell if we packed them correctly or incorrectly which will help us figure out about replacements and if they are available for your shipments.

Again accidents do happen, but we also are no longer able to replace items that we can not verify items were incorrectly shipped. If you, or we, believe that your package was tampered with, please scroll up to see the DAMAGED ITEMS section for more details.

Shipments Show As Delivered, But Have Not Arrived

Once you receive tracking information, you will be able to track your purchase and see it's estimated date of delivery once it has shipped. As it gets closer to you, delivery times and options may change but it will be able to let you know it's status at any point. You do not need to email us about status updates if the USPS is already showing status updates as we can not move your package along any faster once it is in the hands of the USPS.

If you receive a notification that it has been delivered, but you did not receive it - you will need to contact your local post office with that tracking number to find out more information about it's delivery details or if they are holding it for you otherwise. Once it is in the hands of the USPS, they have more information than we do - and they are the only ones that can change any kind of delivery arrangements for you.

If your package shows as delivered and they are unable to help you locate the package, you may be able to file a claim with the USPS for reimbursement of your package.

We are unable to offer refunds or replacements of items that show that they have been delivered.

Other Questions NOT LISTED ABOVE

If your questions are not answered with the information listed above, you can contact us for more information regarding your purchase.

Please make sure that your question is not already answered above to receive a different response. If your question is answered above, you will most likely receive the same information listed above unless there is something that needs your attention to complete your purchase.

If your question is outside of the questions listed above, Please Fill Out This Form for more information!

Thank you again for your purchases and continued support since 2005 - and if the information above does not answer your question, we will get back to you shortly! :)