Oct 12, 2021
We wanted to post a quick update for those that have been sending emails and had some questions about us - also posted on our
Facebook and Instagram.
Deals And Discounts
With the addition of some new help this past week we plowed through about 250+ figure/POP purchases Sun/Mon with another 300+ figure/shirt purchases to ship out by the end of day tomorrow as we catch up on pre-orders and current orders.

We appreciate your purchases and your patience and we will get everyone's purchase out as soon as possible as we are also navigating the numerous manufacturing and shipping delays currently slowing things down.

Be sure to check your emails for updated tracking info and if you have any questions about a purchase, please contact our helpdesk at
http://contact.horrormerch.com as we are not able to offer purchase support via social media.

We are also posting this part for those that need the info or have been posting on assorted forums...

Yes, we do actually exist - we have been around since 2005 via our website and also have vended at over 200 horror conventions between 2005-2019.

Yes, everything on our website is officially licensed.

Yes, we do ship about 3000+ boxes of merch out our doors every month.

Yes, we do ship from within the US (mainly from Columbus, OH and directly from other print shops within the US).

Yes, we do ship out 4-5 days a week - including packing orders on weekends.

Yes, we will ship your order - when it is available to ship.

Yes, we are backed up and have been adding more help at our direct warehouse to help speed things up.

No, we can not ship an item that does not yet physically exist or an item that has not yet arrived to our warehouse. (also known as PRE-ORDER items)

No, being aggressive, calling us names, causing issues within our email or posting on social media will not speed up your purchase shipment - it may however, get you blocked from further support.

With that part aside - we thank everyone again for their purchase and support since 2005 and we are looking to be caught up and sending more stuff out your way shortly!