Soundtracks/Masks/Etc Shipping Information

All Soundtracks/Masks/Costumes Are Shipped In Their Original Packaging.

Soundtracks/Masks/Costumes (Unless Noted As A PRE-ORDER Item Within The Title Or Variant Prior To Purchase) Usually Ship Within 3-5 Business Days (Business Days Do Not Include Weekends Or Holidays).

Pre-Order Soundtracks/Masks/Costumes (As Noted Within The Title Or Sizing Variant Prior To Purchase) Will Be Able To Ship Once These Items Are Released/Restocked.

All Soundtracks Include Free Shipping And Will Ship As These Pre-Order Items (As Noted Within The Title Or Sizing Variant Prior To Purchase) Are Restocked.

As These Items Are Mass Produced By Different Manufacturers, Distributors, Etc. - All RELEASE OR RESTOCK DATES LISTED ANYWHERE ON OUR SITE ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

All Soundtracks/Masks/Costumes Require A Non-refundable Deposit To Reserve These Items For You. Once Purchased - Soundtracks/Masks/Costumes Are Not Able To Be Exchanged Or Cancelled As They Are Reserved Directly For Your Purchase.

Discounts, Refunds, Gift Cards Or Cancellations Are Not Available If Soundtracks/Masks/Costumes Incur Any Shipping Or Manufacturing Delays As These Are Estimated Dates And Will Vary Depending On Time Of Year, Warehouse Lead Time And Other Instances Outside Of Our Control.

Please visit Our 180 Day Pre-Order Policy for any Paid item that have exceeded 180 days from the date of purchase. Free/Bonus Items do not carry any monetary value within your purchase.

If you have any concerns about missing/shipped/damaged items/etc, Please visit:
Damaged Shipments
Missing/Incorrect Items

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